• Track & Trace

    Optimal security


Packaging machines

Track and Trace and Aggregation

Seamless traceability and counterfeit protection

The integration of Track and Trace components into the packaging process closes the circle of seamless traceability in the production of pharmaceutical products.

Using 1D/2D codes, products can be marked, aggregated and tracked. In addition, packaging materials, instructions for use and quality features can be verified during the packaging process, too.

We collaborate with the leading system suppliers for track and trace and offer solutions for the complete end-of-line packaging sector. From folding boxes to pallets; from semi-automatic machines for small batches to fully automated packaging lines with high throughput.


  • Code control product
  • Code control carton
  • Code control product insert
  • Attendance control product insert
  • Printing device

  • Printing on carton
  • Quality and code control of carton printing
  • Film packaging machine

    Code reading of carton code in film bundle


    Printing, application and control of bundle label

    Track and Trace and Aggregation

    Case packaging machine

    Code reading of bundle code on label or carton code in case bundle


    Printing, application and control of case label


    Code reading of case label and application of pallet label

    Track and Trace and Aggregation

    Cartoner, Film wrappers, Case packers, Palletizers

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