• Track & Trace

    Optimal security


Packaging machines

Track and Trace and Aggregation

Seamless traceability and counterfeit protection

The integration of Track and Trace components into the packaging process closes the circle of seamless traceability in the production of pharmaceutical products.

Using 1D/2D codes, products can be marked, aggregated and tracked. In addition, packaging materials, instructions for use and quality features can be verified during the packaging process, too.

We collaborate with the leading system suppliers for track and trace and offer solutions for the complete end-of-line packaging sector. From folding boxes to pallets; from semi-automatic machines for small batches to fully automated packaging lines with high throughput.


  • Code control product
  • Code control carton
  • Code control product insert
  • Attendance control product insert
  • Printing device

  • Printing on carton
  • Quality and code control of carton printing
  • Film packaging machine

    Code reading of carton code in film bundle


    Printing, application and control of bundle label

    Track and Trace and Aggregation

    Case packaging machine

    Code reading of bundle code on label or carton code in case bundle


    Printing, application and control of case label


    Code reading of case label and application of pallet label

    Track and Trace and Aggregation

    User interface

    The user interface - the control center of our machines. Comprehensive and consistent concept for all our machine types, whether standard or custom machines.

    Our user interface, developed with usability experts, operators and industrial designers, simplifies setup and operating of the machines for your staff.

    A distinct structure, meaningful icons as well as a smooth navigation are providing a user-experience like you are used to from the latest consumer electronic devices. New users quickly find their way around.


    Overview of functions:

    • Clear and practical user interface
    • Intuitive user interface
    • Destinct user and format management
    • Comprehensive diagnostic functions
    • 21 CFR Part 11 compliant audit trail
    • Electronic signature
    • Data acquisition for OEE and production figures
    • Connection to SCADA/MES via OPC-UA possible
    • Pack ML compliant PLC program structure (operating states and modes)
    • Use in GxP environment through software development according to GAMP5
    • Optional batch management
    • Optional connection to customer domain via LDAP/Active Directory

    The automation technology of our machines integrates seamlessly into your IoT environment and is perfectly fitted for the future.

    Control panel hardware

    The user interface from Christ Packing Systems runs on powerful CES Touch-it XELO hardware:

    • Capacitive touch display, multi-touch capable
    • Robust aluminum housing with easy to clean glass touch surface
    • IP65 protected, against dust and water spray
    • High-resolution, high-contrast and with a viewing angle of 80° always easy to read
    • Fast industrial PC-based hardware, with multi-core processor
    • Fast SSD hard disk and spaciously dimensioned main memory
    • Integrated UPS to protect against data loss in case of power failure
    • Import and export of data via USB or Ethernet
    • Optional remote maintenance via gateway hardware
    • Optional integration of an RFID reader

    Our operating panels feature a pleasant look and feel and are mounted at ergonomic height. The viewing angle is fully adjustable for the user. If beneficial to ergonomics, our operating panels are mounted on swivel arms so that they are always available where they are needed by the operator.

    The control concept of the machines is based on a touch screen design. The most essential functions such as start, stop and acknowledgement of messages are additionally implemented as hardware buttons to provide the best possible efficiency and flexibility in machine operation.

    Long-term hardware availability is guaranteed.

    Cartoner, Film wrappers, Case packers, Palletizers

    Product configurator

    With our product configurator you can configure your desired product quickly and easily online.

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