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End of line packaging ready for dispatch with a machine from the CaseTeq series

You need low or high speed throughput? You want to load from the side or from above? You ask yourself the question whether a casepacker pays off in your production?

Christ Packing Systems has the right case packer for every application in the field of shipping case packaging. Our portfolio includes semi and fully automatic machines.

We have focused on accessibility, ergonomics and easy format changeover. The design is optimized for GMP-compliant production, easy to clean and batch changes can be carried out quickly.

The design of our case packers allows the integration of a wide range of additional equipment such as labelers, printers and code reading systems. For many additional components and products we offer standardized infeed and discharge modules.

Of course, our casepackers are prepared for the integration of all commercially available track-and-trace systems.

Semi-automatic case packer

CaseTeq 100

CaseTeq 100 – The specialist for small batches

Extremely compact semi-automatic casepacker for side-loading shipping cartons with folding cartons or bundles.

Small and compact but with almost all the features of the big ones. The CaseTeq 100 closes the gap between manual packaging and fully automatic casepacking.

Automated process steps:

  • Collecting and grouping incoming products
  • Filling of shipping cases
  • Ergonomic intermediate position for label application
  • Provision of filled shipping cases with the opening facing upwards
  • Automatic completeness and code check (optional)

Manual process steps:

  • Erecting empty shipping cartons
  • Sealing of filled shipping boxes with adhesive tape
  • Manual application of labels
  • As an option for manual closing, the CaseTeq 100 can be supplemented by an automatic continuous taper in the outfeed area.

    The CaseTeq 100 can be equipped with all common track-and-trace systems. With an integrated Track-and-Trace system, the CaseTeq 100 is the most compact and comfortable solution to safely implement a Track and Trace process in the field of low and medium performance casepacking applications.

    Suitable for standard FEFCO 0201/American Case and special machine sizes. Furthermore, plastic trays, as they are often used in internal logistics, can be filled automatically.

    CaseTeq 100

    Automatic Side-Loader

    CaseTeq 145

    CaseTeq 145 – The reference in the field of side-loading case packers

    Fully automatic casepacker for side-loading shipping cartons with folding cartons, bundles or similar products

    The CaseTeq 145 erects shipping cartons and pushes collated products in layers from the side into shipping cases. The shipping cases are then automatically closed on both sides. Alternatively with adhesive tape or hot melt.

    The integrated stacker and/or other optional feeding modules can be used to arrange collations individually.

    A multifunction head mounted at the top of the machine ensures high performance and process reliability. While a filled shipping carton is being transported to the closing unit, a new, empty case is simultaneously provided. Cartons are reliably erected and held in position during filling.

    All process steps can be monitored from the outside. The operating side is equipped with transparent doors throughout. Signal lights integrated into the cladding, a tower light beacon and a special distance-view on the operating panel ensure that the operating status is always clearly visible, even from a distance.

    Shipping cases are provided in a generously dimensioned magazine. This allows the machine to operate autonomously for a long time before the attention of the operating personnel is required again. The magazine can be filled from the operating side during production.

    The CaseTeq 145 can be equipped with modules for turning of cases, printing, labeling, scanning or track-and-trace.

    Suitable for standard FEFCO 0201/ American Case and machine-compatible special sizes.


    Automatic Top-Loader

    CaseTeq 305 / 310

    CaseTeq 305 / 310 – fill quickly and flexibly from above

    Fully automatic toploading casepacker for filling shipping cartons from above. Extremely flexible due to its operating method.

    Products can be packed in different configurations. Ideal for products that cannot be transported on their side during shipping or shortly after production and for products that cannot be stacked. Suitable for products such as folding cartons, bottles, round or square containers, vials, medical devices in blisters or pouches.

    Available in 2 sizes. CaseTeq 305 for small shipping cartons and with particularly small foot print of the machine, as well as CaseTeq 310 for full FEFCO 0201/ American Case format range.

    The CaseTeq 305/310 erects shipping cartons and inserts product collations or individual products in several layers from above. The shipping cartons are then automatically closed on both sides. Alternatively with adhesive tape or hot melt.

    Product collations are arranged horizontally on the integrated collating table. Depending on the product, they are inserted into the shipping carton using vacuum suction cups or gripping tools. In addition, cardboard layer separators can be used and product information leaflets can be dispensed into the shipping carton.

    The operating and rear sides of the machine are equipped with transparent doors trough out. All process steps are visible from outside. Large signal lamps integrated into the paneling and a special distance view on the operating panel make it possible to see the operating status clearly at all times, even from a distance. Of course, a tower light beacon mounted on the machine is also standard, color-coded to your company standard.

    Shipping cartons are provided in a largely dimensioned magazine. This allows the machine to operate autonomously for a long time before attention of the operating personnel is required again. The magazine can be filled from the operating side during production. The lower adhesive tape roll can also be changed conveniently using swivelling the tape heads upwards

    The CaseTeq 305/310 can be equipped with modules for case turning, printing, labeling, scanning or track-and-trace.

    CaseTeq 305 / 310

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