Additions to your packaging machine

Complete your packaging machine with accessories from Christ Packing Systems

Shrink tunnel

FilmTeq Schrink 300 / 500 – Thigh film wrapping

Heat tunnel for shrinking of film bundles with film overhang. Thermal application of the protruding foil. Global heat input by circulating hot air or punctual heat application by hot air blower.

Powerful heating elements ensure perfect shrinking results even at high throughput rates. Sensitive temperature control, comprehensive adjustment options for the air flow and high-grade insulating materials ensure minimized energy consumption.

For temperature-sensitive products, the FilmTeq Shrink 300/500 is available with a shutdown-offset and throughput control. This ensures that products are safely transported out of the hot zone even in case of a power failure.

The FilmTeq Shrink 300/500 can be equipped with a cooling fan in the outlet area for fast cooling of shrink packs.

FilmTeq Shrink 300/500 is available in different lengths. Thus, an ideal version for your product can always be used.

Film splicer

FilmTeq Splicer – Uninterrupted production with quick film splicing

Automatic changing of film rolls for uninterrupted production. The end of a film roll is automatically sealed to the start of the next film roll during machine operation without stopping production.

Equipping a foil machine with a splicer increases the efficiency of your production and offers more flexibility to the operating personnel. With the FilmTeq Splicer, film rolls can be changed quickly and easily thanks to automatic film clamping mandrels.

The FilmTeq Splicer is equipped with a pulse sealing system. Energy-saving and instantly ready for use without heating up time.

To match your FilmTeq film machine, variants in different widths are available; for single lane as well as for multi-lane machines.

Collation table

CT2000 – More flexibility and less time constraints for operates at the end of the line

The CT2000 collection table is a fully automatic collection table for intermediate storage of products.
  • Compact, high-quality balcony construction
  • Ergonomic design with plenty of foot and knee room for the operator
  • Easy to clean stainless steel cladding
  • Fast, tool-free format changeover with high repeat accuracy
  • Maintenance arm
  • Automatic detection of a completely filled table and stop of the upstream machines

Product configurator

Cartoner, Film wrappers, Case packers, Palletizers

With our product configurator you can configure your desired product quickly and easily online.

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